Baby Expert, Mindy Roberts

Baby Expert,
Mindy Roberts

Mindy Roberts is a transplanted Chicagoan living in the Bay Area with her three native children. She has ridden the bounty and collapse of the Silicon Valley high-tech industry, recently ended her 12-year marriage, and is now gainfully re-employed after a long career in the nonprofit sector. On the up side, she still has a portion of her sanity and is in love with a chef, writer, teacher and photographer.

Mindy is writing her family’s memoirs as they go along. She loves her children fiercely, lives and breathes technology, and tries her best to use her powers for good. Mindy spent twelve years as a mild-mannered nonprofit employee. In 2002, after the birth of her third child in four years, she began to write about her life and children in the sleepless hours in an effort to capture her young family’s world in real time. This chronicle of her family’s adventures and mishaps through a chaotic period of marital, emotional, and financial strife is retold in her first book, Mommy Confidential: Adventures From the Wonderbelly of Motherhood. Mindy is founder of TheMommyBlog.net, PearSoup.com, Wonderbelly.com, and OverdueLetters.com. She is also a founding panelist at Momversation.com.