Holiday survival tip: stop hitting snooze

Interested in learning a little trick or two to help you function more efficiently and get a boost in energy over the next few weeks?

I know I am.

Because not only is regular work really busy, but there are a million and one extra Holiday-related tasks to crank through, too.

In fact, recently I’ve been eyeing those Five Hour Energy drinks/shots for sale in the bodegas of New York, fantasizing that they would enable me to bend the space-time continuum and move along at double speed while the earth continued to move at its regular pace.

Kind of like Hammy in the movie Over the Hedge

But deep down I know it’s just a fantasy. Plus the thought of dumping a load of stimulants I can barely pronounce down my throat sounds, well, kind of yucky.

The good news is – there is something a lot simpler we can all do to give ourselves a boost each day – and it’s so simple it’s going to make your head spin.

Stop hitting snooze

Yep. Told you it was simple!

Check out this amazingly insightful video from the folks over at ASAPScience that explains why.

So, over the next few weeks, try skipping that snooze button all together and either getting up when your alarm goes off, or setting your alarm for 10-30 minutes later than you usually do (depending on how many times you hit snooze before dragging yourself out of bed).

I’m in. Anyone else?

Do you hit the snooze button? Do you ever feel worse after hitting snooze a few times? Would you be willing to give this a try?