Get ahead of Holiday chaos in 30-days without being a slave to an endless to-do list


Holy Mcgillicuddy – is it really almost November? Where did 2013 go?

The team here agrees, we can’t help but feel the stress pinch in our shoulders as we think about the Holiday onslaught that’s just around the corner. We know if we don’t get some basics buttoned up soon, that slight pinch will become a real headache.

There’s simply nothing worse than waking up in January to a mountain of Holiday debt because you didn’t approach your gift giving in an organized fashion. Or because you were so darn busy you had to rush out at the eleventh hour to get & ship your gifts, overpaying for what you were buying AND for shipping.

There’s also nothing sadder than realizing you were so busy reacting to all the Holiday madness (because you weren’t organized & ready for it), that you missed out on what really mattered: connecting with your loved ones.


Happily there is an antidote to this insanity. It’s called organization.

We all know we should head into the Holiday season with things like budgets organized, shopping lists and menus mapped out, and a deadline for getting our cards out on time. But then, for one reason or another, we don’t get around to it (ugh, where do I start? Ugh, I can never find the time to get organized in advance). And then we wake up sometime in late November hopelessly behind the 8-ball and spend the next 5-6 weeks running at an all-out sprint. Cranky. Overspending. And missing out on the real joy of the season.

We want to help you (and ourselves) make this Holiday different! Sane. Happy. and On-Budget!

That’s why we have put together a “pop-up” Holiday Organization Mini Boot Camp for the month of November.

It is a 30-day program, starting on November 1st, focused on one thing and one thing only: getting ahead of the Thanksgiving-Christmas-Hanukah-Kwanzaa madness. During the 30day boot camp, you will take baby steps each week that WILL help you get everything from your gift budget to your Holiday cards organized well ahead of the last minute.

And the best part is, you don’t have to figure anything out. All you have to do is follow the roadmap we’ve put together – and will deliver to you via a daily task email. We’ve also got some nifty printables & special discounts to help you along the way.

We ran a similar Challenge last year and had people say things like, “THANK YOU! I have never in my life been so organized ahead of the holidays. I feel awesome!”

What’s in this 30-day boot camp, you ask? Well, by the end of it, you will have:
• Created a detailed budget for your holiday gifts that your accountant would be proud of
• Organized a plan to sail through Thanksgiving and actually enjoy your family & friends
• Purchased the base elements you need to create gorgeous handmade gifts…
• …and actually created a schedule map for when you’re going to make them (no all-nighters for you in mid-December!)
• Taken your Holiday card photos and ordered your cards
• Organized your holiday card mailing list so that getting them addressed and out the door is a breeze.

As with all of our boot camps, we have built-in accountability via a private Facebook group, too.

And it’s only $17 to participate.

It’s only open for enrollment from today until October 31st at midnight. Once registration closes, it won’t open back up again.