Never send a belated card again

Are you a chronic sender of belated cards — or worse — a “telepathic” card sender? You know what I’m talking about – the cards that you meant to send but, then, by the time you got around to it, the moment was so far gone that it didn’t make sense to send anymore?

Yeah, those. We’ve probably all done it.

The good news is that there’s hope for us yet!

Card Gnome to the Rescue

A new service called Card Gnome has arrived on the scene with the mission of helping the overwhelmed get their good intentions to send greeting cards organized (birthday wishes, anniversary cards, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/Grandparent’s Day, etc).

card gnome

In a nutshell, the service removes all of the complexity and hassle (not to mention 11th hour sprints to the local drug store to pick up a last-minute card) from the process.

You just pick a plan based on the number of cards you would like to send in a typical year – anywhere from 1 to over 50. Then, all you have to do is head to the site, choose your card or cards and write a personal message. The lovely team at Card Gnome makes sure it’s mailed on time. You can even schedule your connections up to one year in advance. So, theoretically, you could sit down for 20 minutes today and get all of your greetings organized for the year.

The pricing of the plans is very affordable – especially when you consider that a last-minute card at the store can cost you upwards of $5 or $6. To send a single card – including postage – costs $3.99. The more you send, the more you save.

card gnome pricing

The best part about this service is that the cards are absolutely lovely. Card Gnome works with a community of boutique designers around the world and their collections show it. The designs are fresh – meaningful without being cheesy, which is important to me.

Bottom line, this is a neat and affordable service for anyone looking to get ahead of their good intentions! I have just signed up myself for the coming year. My 30 nieces and nephews will finally get their birthday greetings on time.

Are you a telepathic card sender? Would you ever consider using a service like this?

This post was sponsored by Card Gnome but the opinions are always 100% my own.