Beat the heat with these refreshing summer drinks

The newscasters in NYC were breathlessly reporting on yet another day of chart-topping temperatures this evening.

Looks like we’re in for more of the same tomorrow. And the next day.

It must be summer! The most wonderful time of the year, in my humble opinion.

Time to call a few friends, turn on the BBQ…and linger over good conversation and a deliciously cool drink or two. To help you keep your cool during this heat wave (and the next), I’ve rounded up 10 mouthwatering concoctions from around the blogosphere – 5 “virgin” drinks and 5 with a little touch ‘o the devil. Of course, I fell in love with every. SINGLE. blogger on this list too. You MUST add them to your follow list.

I, personally, am making it my mission to whip every last of these refreshing summer drinks before Labor Day hits. Won’t you join me?

5 “Nice” (i.e. non-acoholic) Drinks to Refresh Wilted Bodies

Thyme lemonade via jelly toast blog
Adding a bit of thyme to classic lemonade is such a sophisticated and refreshing idea. {Recipe & Photo via: Jelly Toast}

Raspberry lemonade via Ladyface Blog
Raspberries are quite possible the Earth’s most perfect fruit. Mix them with lemonade and well…my taste buds are already smiling. Yours? {Recipe & Photo via: Ladyface Blog}

Rose petal iced tea
Rose petal iced tea sounds like something straight out of heaven to me. {Recipe & Photo via: Eva Toneva in Bulgarian with translator}

Mint ice cubes
Mint iced cubes. And raspberries! Be still my heart. {Recipe & Photo via: Travel for Taste}

watermelon slush via Henry Happened
Cucumbers + watermelon + mint = summer in a glass. {Recipe & Photo via: Henry Happened}

5 “Naughty” (i.e. with a smidge or two of alcohol) Drinks to Cool You Down

Gin Rickey - air conditioning in a glass
This Gin Rickey is described as “air conditioning in a glass.” Sounds like a must-try to me! {Recipe & Photo via: Kitchen Riffs}

Pomegranate Lime Slushitini from Snappy Gourmet
When you combine the words pomegranate, lime and add an “atini” to the end of it – I’m pretty much going to HAVE to try it. Sounds and looks divine. {Recipe & Photo via: Snappy Gourmet}

Rapsberry margaritas from Life as a Strawberry
Stop the presses. A raspberry margarita? Where have you been all my life? Must. Try. NOW! {Recipe & Photo via: Life As A Strawberry}

Blackberry Mojito - via One Martiini at a time
Words are insufficient. Want. Need! {Recipe & Photo via: One Martini At A Time}

Sorbet champagne
Mon Dieux! Mais Oui! And Oh-la-la. {Recipe & Photo via: Kirbie’s Cravings}

What’s your favorite refreshing summer beverage? Do share!