4 surprising ways to earn & save extra cash this summer

Wouldn’t it be nice to break away from the daily grind this summer and go on that fantastic vacation with the kids you have been dreaming about? Don’t let the thought of pricey trips and busy lives get in the way of making your family getaway a reality. With some great ideas to save your hard-earned cash and make a little extra dough on the side, you can start booking that summer escape today. Here are a few useful ways to help you get the summer fun and relaxation every busy mom deserves.

Get Paid with a Furry Friend

Dog Vacay - earn money for babysitting someone's dog
During the summer months, I am constantly getting requests from neighbors to watch their dogs while they are on vacation. If you are an animal lover and you like to take care of other people’s pets, then a great way you can make some extra cash would be to try out dog boarding through a service such as DogVacay. Many people would jump at the chance to skip the kennel and have a trusted source watching their pet while they are away. You get paid while also saving another person’s peace of mind!

Ditch the Gym Fees, But Keep the Workouts

Gym memberships can certainly take a bite out of anyone’s monthly budget! While it is important to exercise and stay fit, there are many other ways to accomplish this goal besides investing in a costly gym membership. During the warmer summer months, you can find creative ways to exercise outdoors with walks, hikes and jogs. Purchasing a set of affordable weights is also a great way to exercise indoors. These at-home workouts can keep you and your wallet fit at the same time!

Teach Someone and Help Yourself at the Same Time

Teach somebody something
Another great way to earn some extra cash is through tutoring. Teaching someone is a win-win for both parties, as you can get paid to have your expertise benefit someone in need! Everyone has some kind of skill to share, whether it be a field of study, a trade you know or an instrument or sport you can give pointers on. Tutoring has the added benefit of being flexible, since you can set your own schedule and rates as you see fit. Great forums for this include: ODesk, ELance, and Task Rabbit.

Reap the Rewards of Smarter Dining Choices

Scoutmob is a great way to get local dining discounts
Making several fast food stops and dining out often are surefire ways to rack up some expenses. Save some money by thinking ahead to avoid the last minute pit stops when the kids are hungry or you don’t feel like making dinner. You can plan for the week by packing lunches or bringing along healthy snacks when you are out. Or, find affordable dining options using an app, like scoutmob, which will help you track down dining discounts so you can enjoy your meal and some extra savings too.

Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, don’t throw in the towel and think quality family time is out of reach this summer. With a little creativity and determination, you can make some extra money to still have that memorable family vacation. This can help turn an average summer into an awesome one for you and the kids!

What little (or big) things do you do to earn a little extra spending money for summer adventures?

Shaye is a single mom that has a passion for family, budgeting, healthy living, fitness, and travel. She loves finding new ways to cook healthier and stay fit, all while doing it on a budget. She has a beautiful son and one eccentric dog, but wouldn’t have it any other way. Follow her blog at http://simplyshaye.wordpress.com