Must-have organizational invention: Sugar Snap Files

Disclosure: Scan Snap Files are a sponsor of ours. The views about the product are , of course, 100% my own & totally honest. As you’ve probably noticed by the dearth of product reviews on this site, I’m pretty picky about what products I choose to review. This made the cut!

Most moms I know with babies under a year old are pretty darn frazzled. Chronic sleep deprivation = mom brain. And mom brain gets in the way of being buttoned up.

Every Mom’s Organizational Challenge

Whether it’s your first or your fifth, juggling the million and one things that need to be ported everywhere (wipes, diapers, snacks, drinks, extra clothes, lotions, and potions) is mind-boggling.

I can remember staring in disbelief at my poor overstuffed Vera Bradley bag wondering how I could cram in a few more items. It was a total mess. When I needed something – a diaper, a new onsie – I would waste ridiculous amounts of time rooting around for it. Then I’d give up on propriety and dump out the entire contents so I could get to what I needed.

And on those days I had to leave the diaper bag packing in my husband’s hands? Fughedabboudit. The neurotic mother in me would get a little crazy making checklist after checklist for him. Because if I didn’t, we’d invariably be stranded somewhere without the exact item we needed and have to rush out and buy a quick replacement.

Our diaper bag was dysfunctional to the max.

The Cure For Messy Diaper Bag

The amazing sugarsnap files for organizing your diaper bag

The inside of SugaSNAP files for organizing your diaper bag
I can’t quite remember where I saw the SugarSNAP Files for the first time. But one glance and I knew. To borrow a phrase from my favorite movie When Harry Met Sally, “I knew the way you know about a good melon.”

The founders jokingly refer to the typical diaper bag “situation” (like the one I described above) as the “Burmuda Triangle.” And they’re on a mission to save other moms from that fate.

So they created SugarSnap Files.

What are they? Quite simply – a filing system for all of those diaper bag items! There are five lightweight mesh bags with a patterned backing in each set. Each bag in the set acts in much the same way file folders act in your drawers. Only they hold baby gear. Each bag in the set has a labeled tab that makes it easy to see what’s inside when peering in from the top of a bag. They also can be hooked and unhooked from a master ring as needed.

Sugar Snap files help you organize your diaper bag on a ring

Oh – and they have a laminated diaper bag checklist – ideal for dads everywhere.

I love enterprising women creating amazing new things. And this filing system for diaper bags is nothing short of amazing. I got one in the mail to test and it honestly made me very sad these weren’t around when my boys were still little.

If you are expecting or know someone who is — this is a must-have. I’m personally going to stock up on these as baby shower gifts. Unique. Beautifully constructed. And perfect for both Type-A AND Type-B moms.

What do you do to organize your bag?