Tired of “losing” your cell phone? 10 ways to keep it from happening

Ever taken two steps out the door in the morning only to realize you’ve forgotten your cell phone?

Or thought you had your cell phone in your bag/pocket/briefcase/ but when you really needed it couldn’t find it?

PANIC! Right?

If you are not in the habit of putting your phone in the same spot each time you return home – and in the same spot in your bag when you leave…you probably waste countless minutes each and every day frantically searching for your phone. Not only is that incredibly inefficient (and depressing when you add up those minutes) – but it’s also making your life way more stressful than it needs to be.

That’s why the habit is worth cultivating. Immediately.

Where do you start?

Docking Stations at Home

Ideally, pick a spot near the door…
Phone station by the door

…Or in your most trafficked room – the kitchen
Phone Charging Drawer

If you’re lacking counter space – hang a spot on the wall (preferably at eye level)
Phone Station - 3M
3M Command Pouches are not only inexpensive, but practically invisible when the phone’s not there.

Or create a pouch that hangs off of a power cord
Phone Station DIY
This DIY project from Damask Love looks doable…

…or you could always buy a cute one on Etsy like this one from Anna Tere Designs.
iPhone Pouch Etsy

Then (if you’re not using a pouch) add a charging station – so it’s ready to go when you are. Here are four gorgeous options that would look great on a console table or a kitchen counter.

Phone Station Tilted tray
Keep it sleek with this tilted charging tray {via A+R}

Phone station - wood
Mixing the high-tech with natural materials is always stylish {via: Etsy}

Phone stations
Keep it on a kitchen counter without looking cluttered with this floating plexiglass station {via Etsy}

Phone station xtrememac-incharge-x3-docking-station
If you’ve got lots of techies in the house – you might want something that can hold everyone’s devices, like this rack system {via: ioo mobile}

Keeping your phone while you’re on the go

By far the easiest way to keep your smart phone from getting lost in big purses, briefcases, messenger bags, or backpacks is to get a small clutch or organizer that can double as your wallet and your phone’s home. If you can find one with a hook or leash, you can hook it to the side strap or interior loop – making it extra easy to locate.

Phone clutch unisex
This unisex option is great for any techie on the go {via Etsy}

Phone clutch outside
Phone clutch inside
I personally love this stylish wallet/smart phone combo – which could also double as a clutch for evenings {via Etsy}

And of course, I’ve saved the best for last. Genius Liz Ormesher, who I might add is under 30, invented a small purse – yes a PURSE – that wirelessly charges your cell phone. It’s called Everpurse and it comes in an array of stylish designs.

Just drop it in a fashionable little charging clutch and not only will it be easy to find when you are looking for it, BUT it will also charge it right up.

Where’s your smart phone drop spot? Do you have a compartment in your bag for one too or are you always searching for it?