ProFlowers for Valentine’s Day

This year I have my act together for Valentine’s Day, thanks to I’m proud of myself that I ordered flowers for my Mom for Valentine’s Day already – but I had them delivered early. I know she’ll get bombarded and wanted MINE to be there first. (No, not competitive at all!)

I ordered the flowers through which has something for everyone. You can shop for him, her, wife, husband, kids, housewarming, Easter Baskets (yeah, already!), thank you gifts, edible gifts, desserts – you name it, they have something for you to choose from!

I ordered her a dozen Sweetheart Roses, because she really is a sweetheart and I’m crazy about her! BUT I also opted for the added package for $19.98 which included a Damask Vase – it has all those pretty hearts and confetti on it and I knew she’d love it; Rocky Mountain Chocolates, I KNOW she will like, a Lavender Spa Trio and the ‘I Love You’ Pick. I had the Roses delivered on Friday 2/8 so they would last a week and she could then make room for the blooms sure to arrive from my siblings.

Her response: She was blown away. She said she had run out of her Lavender items and was thrilled to get the spa trio, and the Chocolates were calling her name. She said the Roses were just starting to open. Mom is very social and was having a group over the following day and was excited to have a centerpiece to show off. And I know she’s going to brag too – who wouldn’t?

Item Description:
These Sweetheart roses are a great way to convey a sweet expression. Such as “I think you’re sweet.” Or “I love you.” Or “Marry me.” Or “I think you’re sweet and I love you. Will you marry me?” Send this bouquet of roses fresh from the fields and your sweet expression is guaranteed to last at least a week.
12 pink, red and white roses
Stands approximately 16″ tall
Item #30043943

Now I’m not completely thoughtless when it comes to my dear sweet husband. I thought of getting something edible for my husband, but his sugar levels are out of control right now, so no chocolate or fruit, so I decided to get something for myself that he could enjoy too!

I was given the chance to review a complimentary product from, totally free to me! So I chose to use it on the Sweetheart Tulips – 15 are on sale for $24.99 and you could upgrade to 20 tulips for an additional $4.99 or upgrade to 30 at $14.99, which is what I chose. The pretty Damask Vase that I chose for my Mom’s bouquet (pictured above) is available for the 15 or 20 count, but not the 30 count. I chose no vase since I have plenty and didn’t need another one. But the other choices were the Cherry Red vase for $12.99, perfect for Valentine’s Day, the Class Tulip vase for $9.99, or no vase. I’m really glad they offered it without a vase for those of us with little storage space and enough vases (but it was tempting!).

Item Description:
Celebrate any occasion with beautiful Dutch Tulips! We’ve managed to grow these early to be enjoyed all through the colder months. You’ll feel like it’s Spring already. To allow these beautiful flowers to last much longer, they are shipped fresh, budding, and ready to bloom.
20 red, pink, and white tulips
Stands approximately 14″ tall
Item #3507

The Tulips arrived in a box, as do all of ProFlowers Bouquets. Honestly the secure way they wrap the flowers really tells a lot about their company and wanting to please their customers! I had my vase all ready out and on my table waiting for the Tulips, but forgot Tulips don’t have really long stems – so I thought I should have ordered the vase, then I remembered the one pictured – perfect.

My husband’s response: “Nice” Honestly, he liked them but I was thrilled since I love Tulips and they remind me of Spring. I don’t know where you live, but this winter has been more like a cold Spring without the blooms!

I’ve ordered from ProFlowers before and have received plants and bouquets from them and LOVED them. They were always packed securely and the plants were well protected and the flowers came in bud form and slowly opened and lasted more than a week. I hope this bouquet lasts too.

When the flowers arrived they looked a little droopy – but since they traveled from Ohio to Michigan in the cold, I understood. They were just thirsty. By the next morning they were perky and stood tall and strong. Only one flower stem broke, and honestly, I think I did it! Aren’t they lovely? I’m SO glad I ordered the 30! They are in the dining room, but I stole a couple of blooms for my office and it really cheers up the place – but then flowers always do!

It’s nice to know about the companies we do business with so here’s a few facts about ProFlowers you may not know:

• They have have been offering fresh-from-the-field flowers since 1998.
• ProFlowers started with a single farm in California, shipping just 500 rose bouquets for Valentine’s Day. 10 years later, they serve more than 7 million customers with 185 fresh cut varieties from eight different countries around the world.
• At each one of their farms, employees and experts nurture the flowers from bud to blossom, ensuring only the best-of-the-best get picked for your bouquet.
• Once hand-picked, the flowers are delivered directly to you. Others take a longer route through brokers, middlemen and, finally, a florist’s shop. By the time they reach the recipient, their best days are long gone.
• ProFlowers employees have one job: to make sure you send or are sent the highest quality flowers. That’s why when people order ProFlowers, they continue to come back. Never hesitate to call if you have a problem.

As I said, I’ve used ProFlowers before and absolutely have so much faith in them that I continue to use them! I’ve never been disappointed! To help make your dollar stretch, use their coupon codes when you order. They change monthly with different deals, so be sure to check them out!

Disclosure: I was given a $65 gift code to use to purchase anything on the ProFlowers site; all opinions are my own