Cool Find: Swoop Bags

Readers of our book, Pretty Neat, already know how critical portable, lightweight bags are for keeping toys from taking over. Kids just aren’t wired to limit their toy-play to one room, so inevitably piles of Legos, blocks, dolls, trains, Hot Wheels…you name it, make their way to the main areas of the house.

That’s fine in the moment, but is a real clutter headache over the long run.

Smart moms use lightweight bags as clutter hacks because they make it easy for kids to carry toys they’ve brought into a main room back to the toy chest when it’s time to clean up.

But now you no longer have to sacrifice your Vera Bradley® bags to Hot Wheel toting toddlers.

SWOOP–a new, stylishly designed bag that doubles as a circular playmat is just the thing to contain all the stray Lego® or Polly Pocket® pieces in your life.

The bag’s creator, Sarah, is a graphic designer and a mother of two busy boys, who has lived through the Lego® problem first-hand. Her experience led her to create a bag that not only makes clean up time much easier, but fabulous to boot. Her Swoop bags are durable, simple, colorful, fun — and stylish enough to stash in any room. Price $48.

You can purchase them at’s online shop!