Day 3: What does a mail/key drop look like?

The answer is: it doesn’t matter as long as it is functional!

Nonetheless, here are some very simple and chic options from some of the people who have checked in so far today.

I love, love Jen’s milk glass display that doubles as a key drop.

Eileen scored a winner on Craigslist with this Pottery Barn classic. Loving the lack of junk mail too!

These “domestic pirates” sure know how to put a mail station & key drop together. That dish is beautiful – looks like a cross between a shell and a sculpture.

One basket for collecting mail, another for dumping keys. What’s not to love about Dana’s setup?

Cathy gets a gold star for adding an emergency planning twist to her key drop. Can you spot the emergency gas shut off key?

Why not use a pretty tumbler as a key drop? Looks good from here!

Bonnie’s wine cork board is neat, isn’t it? I want one…

I love how Tiffany’s mail drop is literally the first thing you hit on your way in from the garage! Without a mail sorter there, I’ll bet it ends up all over that side area next to the steps.

Finally, Filomena keeps things very simple & chic. I wonder if the smaller mail basket is actually better because it forces you to deal with the clutter before it becomes an overwhelming pile… Is the junk mail as much a problem in Portugal as it is in the USA?