Cool find: OneReceipt

Anyone else suffering from the “George Costanza” wallet effect right about now? The flurry of receipts that come with Holiday shopping are enough to tip most wallets over into the overstuffed territory. {shudder}

For a refresher on what a Costanza wallet is, watch these hilarious Seinfeld clips (note: you have to view on the YouTube site as I think the owner of this video is afraid of getting in trouble & has disallowed embedded copies of the clips).

The Antidote to Your Exploding Wallet

If the girth of your wallet is currently challenged (or maybe permanently challenged), you’ll definitely want to check out this amazing new online service we found called OneReceipt. In a nutshell, it automatically looks through your email account(s) and creates searchable entries for the purchases you’ve made from online retailers like iTunes to Amazon. Although there are some stores it doesn’t recognize, all you have to do to capture those is email them to your OneReceipt account. Easy breezy.

If you are out and about and get a paper receipt for your purchase, just snap a picture of it and email it to your OneReceipt account. Then toss that paper version straight into the nearest garbage can without fear as the tech genies at OneReceipt will upload it right to your account.

Another feature to love is the fact that all of your data is stored securely in the cloud, so it’s there whenever and wherever you need it. Every receipt is indexed, so you can easily find specific purchases. The app also provides tags and categories to help you filter and file your receipts so if you’re wondering just how bad your shoe habit is, you’ll be able to see at the push of a button.

And finally, this nifty little program can actually help you save money. How? Well, have you’ve ever bought something that you wanted to return, but forgot to in time? OneReceipt will actually keep track of return policies that are about to expire and notify you before they do.