Reader Question: how do you display holiday cards?

Mark C. from Brownstown, Mi. had the following question for us:

Just a note to say I enjoyed your most recent column about Christmas cards. I love Christmas cards and I’m the one who always buys them and sends them out from my wife and I. As a matter of fact, I love all cards in general and am always buying them through out the year when I see one I like. You mentioned that Sarah displays all of her cards on as ribbon and hangs them. Great idea! I’m just wondering if she staples them on the ribbon (stupid question probably) because I’d love to do that with ours.

Well, Mark I’m glad you asked (and there is NO such thing as a stupid question)! There are so many creative ways to display them.

Displaying with ribbon

If you use ribbon like me, there are a few ways to hang the cards.

You can hang folded cards right over the ribbon or string. While they aren’t officially “fixed” – if the ribbon is not in a high-traffic zone, they will probably stay on the string just fine.

You can use a simple paper clip to affix cards. Either clip as you would normally, or if you are using a double-faced ribbon, you can stick the paper clip into the center of the ribbon. For a tutorial, check out this “how-to” on Tips from a Typical Mom.

…or you could use a clothespin. {image via: DragonFlyTreasure on Etsy}

There are lots of adorably decorated clothespins for sale on Etsy if you want to take it up a notch creatively.

I love this whimsical set. You can buy for $5 from Etsy seller IDontGiveaKnit.

Other cute options from Etsy sellers:

Felt angels from FeltLikePaper for $14.95

Candy cane clips from MLscraps for $8

Hand painted clips from SugarAndPaint

Or you could just search for “Christmas Clothespins” on Etsy and you’ll have more options than you could imagine!

Other Creative Displays

Wire card holder from Pottery Barn: $49

Wrap Lametta Tinsel around a mirror, affix to the back of the mirror with thumbtacks. Use 1″ double circular clips to affix cards to the tinsel. {Via: Martha Stewart}

Hole punch each card, and put a ribbon through the hole. Tie ribbon around bannister for a lovely and unique display. {Via: Unclutterer}

What’s your favorite way to display Holiday greetings?