Married to Your Organizational Opposite

Like it or not, our individual organizational tics can create minefields in our marriages and friendships. The little things, like dirty dishes that never make it into the dishwasher, dirty clothes that never make it into the hamper, a tendency to double book or forget a play date, are the cavities of our relationships. Little holes that, if ignored, will eat away and eventually rot something once solid.

Today, Sarah & Alicia talk about overcoming the organizational differences of your spouse.

Listen in as we sit down to talk with authors, Alisa Bowman (Project Happily Ever After) and Meagan Francis (The Happiest Mom) about the different ways clashing organizational styles can create conflict and ways to mitigate the differences.

It may seem daunting at first and it’s easy to just throw your fists up in the air and give up on co-organizing, but our guests today bring us special insight on how to make it all right. Whether you are pushing to change your spouse’s organizational habits, or are going to change your own habits to modify his, we have tips for both ways of approaching the issue.

If you differ with your spouse on ways of organizing, you do not want to miss this show! It’s a must listen and will definitely give you some fun and creative tips on how to get your spouse to get organized!