Cool Find: Wexel Art Frames for Kids Art

Only a mom with kids bringing home artwork by the ton could have come up with this genius idea!

These stylish, plexiglass frames by Wexel Art use magnets to hold artwork and pictures in place. We recommend it as an organizer for kids’ artwork as follows: Hang one frame per child in a central location – like the kitchen, front hall, playroom, or family room.

Once a week or once a month, sit down with your child and select ONE piece of art their stash to display. When a child helps selects their best piece, they usually have much less angst when the others are tossed. If you struggle to toss the remaining pieces, set them aside in a bin to be used as holiday wrapping paper.

The frames come in a variety of sizes too. Check it out here.

Have any other great ideas to use these frames for? Share below!