How to “move in” to your new Weekly.agenda planner

Like so many of you who wrote and called us over the past two weeks wanting to know WHEN the new Weekly.agendas were due to arrive & ship, I have to admit I was getting a little desperate for mine to arrive too. It seemed to take for-EVER for the train to make its way from Seattle, where the agendas landed in the US, to Dearborn, MI where our warehouse is located — thanks to the general havoc Irene wreaked on transportation systems.

But at last they finally hit our doorstep last Tuesday morning! The minute the truck pulled up, our Chief Juggler, Anne Marie, started prepping package after package to ship out. It took her two full days working virtually around the clock to get every last planner in the mail to everyone (including me!) who had pre-ordered one. By Friday, we were hearing shouts of glee from all corners of the USA as people opened up their mailboxes to find their Weekly.agendas inside.

How I love thee…let me count the ways!

As soon as I ripped open my package, I was reminded of the things I love so much about it:
1. It fits in my small purse. I have a small purse on purpose and the petite planner easily fits inside. Yet, because of the innovative page layout – I always feel as though there is plenty of room to write everything down. That alone is reason to celebrate.
2. I love the weekly prioritizing page Even us ‘buttoned up gals’ need a place to figure out what has to get done for the week

3. It has a pen holder – It’s such a simple thing, but I love always knowing where my pen is. Plus it keeps at least one safe from the pen pilfering hands of my husband & daughter.
4. The Shopping & Errand Lists – Nothing beats having them in the agenda for easy access; they are always with me when I need them.

How to “move in” to your planner

I spent yesterday entering in my dates for the year ahead. I love that the four bonus months in the 2012 Weekly.agenda planner enable me to get started now versus waiting until January to get started. Here are the three steps I take now to really break my planner in and set myself up for an organized year ahead.

1. I look back. I take my last year’s agenda and go through it and look for dates that will repeat this upcoming year. It is a helpful tickler of what I need to make sure gets put in the calendar now.

2. I look forward. I take any events I know about (e.g. school calendar, work items) and put them in the agenda now for the whole year. I even have next year’s school start date in the weekly.agenda

3. I remember people. I have a birthday book that I’ve kept for two decades with people’s birthdays and anniversaries. I take that out and go through it and put important people to remember in my calendar now.

After I’m done with those three things, I am off to the races. I also at that point move my old agenda into an area on my bookshelf where all of my past planners live. I love how my planners are my living history going back at least ten years.

What about you? Do you have a ‘move in ritual’ that you follow when you get a new one for the year ahead? Do you hold on to your old agendas too? What’s your favorite thing about your planner?