Considering Email Bankruptcy? Listen to This First!

Are you an email addict? Are you drowning in your inbox? If you’re a “knowledge worker,” chances are you are suffering on one, if not both, of those fronts, which is why you should listen in as we talk with two experts about taming our addiction to email and regaining control of our inboxes.

Today, Sarah & Alicia sit down and talk with the experts on the intimidating topic of email overload and how to get that cyber mail box organized!

Our first guest, Marsha Egan, certified professional coach and author of Inbox Detox sheds light on the problem of email addiction and shares some practical solutions for getting bad email habits under control. Then we switch gears a bit and talk to onetime Microsoft employee Alex Kovalchuk who struck out on his own to start TechHit, a company that makes Outlook utilities like Simply File that dramatically improve productivity (not to mention sanity) levels. Learn why an algorithm may be better at taming your inbox than you are.

Email is accessible to us wherever we are, on our computers, in our pockets- at the touch of our fingers. It’s the staple of communication, whether with family or work and it can be that addicting. If your mailbox is overflowing and you can’t seem to keep a handle on it, then this is just the show for you.

Listen in as we talk with the experts on how to be on top of our Email and how to stay in control!