Anyone else addicted to inspiring quotes?

What is it about quotes and their magical ability to take you from crazed chicken to Zen mama in seconds?

I, personally, am addicted to them. I collect them like little talismans. They litter my desk, my journals, and of course, my pinboards.

I simply love that one from Eleanor Roosevelt above. I need to take the free printable that Joy made over on How Joyful and get it printed and framed. It belongs above the scale in my bathroom.

(Maybe I should also go re-read the post I wrote on BabyCenter on Monday about insanity of comparing yourself to others.)

I also love the sentiment on the plaque below. I could have used this reminder as I ran around like a crazy chicken last Sunday cleaning and scrubbing the house.

I love the tutorial for making this wood plank over at Simply Designing too. Might just have to get on that bandwagon. Or at least go visit her beautiful site from time to time and pretend I’m going to get all crafty and stuff.

How about you, do you have any sayings that make you smile, exhale, and take a moment to remember what’s important?