Talented reader creates Lego key rack for her foyer (tutorial)

Last week I wrote a post about the need for drop spots in foyers, and creative ways you could add organization to even tiny foyers.

One of our readers, Anna, commented with a description of a solution she created for her family using a Lego board. It sounded so neat that I had to ask if she had pictures. She did (that’s it in the header image)!

Anna was even kind enough to send along a few additional photos plus a brief description of how she did it so we could do a little tutorial.

DIY Lego Key Rack – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Anna, how did you come up with this neat idea in the first place?

I had a thought that we needed somewhere to put all the stuff that otherwise ended up in the kitchen (accurately described in your post…) and we had this empty piece of wall at the door above the radiator. I had seen a friend use Lego brick key chains that he kept on a small framed Lego plate that held 3 or so bricks. When my hubby brought back tons of Star Wars Lego key chains after a visit to Legoland with his charity Star Wars costume group Nordic Garrison, it made the idea even more appealing. I just tweaked my friend’s idea for our family (read: larger, with shelf and hooks).

MDF board cut into 3 pieces (38cm for the back, 7cm for the shelf, and 3cm for the shelf lip)
Wood glue
1 large Lego base board (any color)

I asked at the DIY store to have the MDF board (that was 38 cm wide when I found it among their “wood leftover pile”) cut in 3 pieces: 38 cm (same as with), 7 cm and 3 cm.

Then I glued the small piece with wood glue into the middle piece that in turn is glued onto the large piece and secured by screws.

I painted the whole thing white, attached the hooks under the shelf and glued the Lego board in place.

And this is what it looked like when finished!

I know Lego sells some kind of key rack with a small Lego board, but without the shelf. (Note to readers, I could not find this on their website, but perhaps you can find it in stores).

Thank you Anna for sharing your marvelous idea with us!

What do you think? Pretty cool, no?