How do you add inspiration to your workspace?

I clock about 50-55 hours a week at work. That’s a lot of time – and, I don’t know if I’m alone in this regard – but I simply cannot spent 1/3 of my life in an environment I find aesthetically depressing. Everywhere I’ve ever worked, from a generic office cube to a sunny corner office, I have made it a point to add one or two touches that energize me and make me want to sit down at my desk and get to work.

I’m about to make the shift to a new office soon and went looking for inspiring ideas. Here are a few of the things I found:

Not only do I love the framed quote above this desk, the magnetized pin board is also a wonderful way to keep inspiring snippets of things visible. The magazine holder looks good as part of it too. {image via: tumblr}

Wow. Just wow. Talk about a dreamy workspace. {image via: ffound}

Mood boards are a great way to add a bit of inspiration. Plus you could change them up easily. Only downside for me is I’d probably make a mood board once and then let it get stale (maybe a year?) before refreshing it. {image via: A Creative Mint}

Sometimes inspiration can come in the form of beautiful desk accessories. I love this set from the fabulous English brothers at designwright. These are available from the Lexon Catalog, but at $150, you need to think of them as “art” not necessarily accessories!

I can never have too many calendars around. I love my Weekly.agenda, but also usually have a hanging calendar as well. This one, from Polish artist Iwona Przybyla, is just to die for.

White walls with white shelves make the perfect backdrop for colorful book spines and knickknacks collected along the way. {image via: Rachel Whiting}

This is a very cool way to add functionality to an otherwise in-the-way column. Plus you bring in a little bit of the outdoors to boot. {via: Sight Unseen}

Of course, nothing is better than a sentimental piece or two. {image via: Made By Girl}

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How do you add inspiration to your workspace?