Get Organized to Get Back To Business

Get Organized to Get Back To Business

Summertime and the organizing is easy…

Now that things are starting to slow down – no rushing to get kids to school or pick them up; send them to a practice or rush out for a recital – there is time to focus on getting back the business of business.

Summer is the perfect time to get your workplace organized and running efficiently so that you are on top of everything when September rolls around again and your life kicks into full gear! We’ve got a few tips to help you get back to business!

1. Get an office facelift.

As the pace slows one way to get back into the groove is to give your workspace a little facelift. It’s so simple to do! Add a plant that flowers so that while you are inside, you can still enjoy the season. Or add a lamp. Change out your pictures to more recent ones that show you having fun in the summer! No one says you can’t add a colorful beach pillow to your chair or guest chairs! Give it a try and see if it brings a smile to your face and makes you enjoy being at work instead of the beach!

2. Clear out your supply drawer.

The company shared storage cabinets, file rooms, and workspaces are organized so everyone knows where to find what they need. Can the same be said of your supply drawer? You know, the one you stash the pens and staplers and notepads you use all the time. Summer is a great time to devote to clearing out that drawer! Toss old papers, get a pretty organizer for your supplies and reload it with post-it notes, staples, pens and notepads – whatever you reach for daily!

3. Circular file the files!

If you are like us, we are so busy getting the task done that we don’t stop and really look at our files. Summer allows us the time to look at the ones we use most often and replace old, torn and just plain tired files for bright new ones. Use a new colored or patterned folders to differentiate clients or tasks and them use a labeler like the LabelManager® 360D – Rechargeable Desktop Label Maker to create file folders you wont’ be embarrassed to have visitors see!

4. Make contact.

Nothing is worse than making that important call only to find that the number no longer works. Take some time to go through your business address and phone book and update it – or better yet, create a new one! Instead of dividing the contacts by name only, make a listing of the company and all contacts under that company. Make custom labels for your most important customers and vendors. You can find the perfect labeler here.

5. Goals & Accomplishments.

If you have a list of what you would like to accomplish this fiscal year – now is the perfect time to take stock of where you are on your goals and if you are on target. Make a list of your accomplishments – what you have achieved based on the set goals. For the remaining goals, summer is a perfect time to organize your remaining year to get them done! Take your goal list, choose one you think you can accomplish before summer ends and school begins and then break it down into manageable steps. Then add a date next to each step – that is the date you commit to getting that step completed. Try to get as much done in as short amount of time as possible so you can tackle more goals this summer and add to that accomplishments list!

What are some of your summer To Do’s to get back in the swing of working?