Planning and Hosting a Memorable (Yet Frugal) 4th of July Bash

While it is hard to believe that summer is here and that Independence Day is just around the corner, the time to crack out the fireworks is looming ahead. With the economy in a continued state of decline, folks are entertaining less. This is unfortunate, because it can be a lot of fun to host a 4th of July bash for friends and family, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The tips that follow will help you to throw a fun Fourth of July get-together that even the Founding Fathers would find fitting!

Plan Well in Advance

Frugal planning should begin well in advance of your Fourth of July get-together. Determine the number of guests that you want to invite, and where you will host your party (inside or outside). Work out the details of what you would like to do, what kind of food you want to serve, and so on.

Take Advantage of What You Already Have

Do you have a pool in the backyard? Then you’re set to host a 4th of July pool party! Recently installed a fire pit out back? Then a Weiner and marshmallow roast is a natural choice. By taking advantage of things that you already have, you can really reduce the cost of your party.

Shop at the “Dollar” Stores for Supplies

If your neighborhood doesn’t have a dollar-only store, you’re really missing out. These stores go by different names but the premise is the same – everything is just one dollar! You will find everything from patriotic themed decorations (like table cloths, plates, and so on) to napkins and streamers, sparklers and more, and you will not have to crack open your piggy bank to make it all happen.

Host Pot Luck

Another great and frugal way to get together with the ones you love without taking out a second mortgage on your home to pay for it is to ask everyone to pitch in. In the old days, pot luck get-togethers were all the rage and they still are in many sections of the country. How it works: ask each guest to bring their favorite dish. For example, maybe you will buy all the franks and buns, and guests will bring potato salad, baked beans, watermelon, a Jell-o mold, or whatever. That way, you are not burdened with the entire cost of the food or taxed with the time it takes to prepare everything. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Have Everyone Pitch in on Fireworks

While it is illegal in some parts of the country to set off fireworks, if it is legal in your area, ask all the guests to bring some along. Fireworks can be expensive, but you can arrange a nice show if everyone is pitching in on the cost of the fireworks, or bringing their own to donate for everyone to see. Another option is moving your party to a local park where the local government hosts a fireworks show. Admission to these shows is typically free and they can be a fun way to round out an evening in celebration of our country’s independence.

By Alyssa Davis

Creative home decor is what we are all about at and our staff writer, Alyssa Davis, is an expert in designing it with metallic wall sculptures and outdoor western metal art.