Ask Your Guru: Need Information On The Life.doc!

We received this inquiry from Cindy:

I am interested in purchasing the Life.doc Kit. For the information listing for the product, the only information I can find is that it is 82 pages and 8 sections. I am unable to locate a list of what the sections are or what type of forms are included. I do not have a store close where I could see the product in person. Can you offer me some information?

Thank you,

Dear Cindy:
Great question! To make sure you know what you are getting, and for anyone wondering what we put in the Life.doc, below please find a general summary of what is in each section. We have included space for most section-related information. We tried to do the thinking for you up front – all you have to do is go through the forms and fill in the information that applies to you and your family.

Know that the forms have more detail, but the outline below will give you an idea of what you are getting. Also, if you have more than 4 family members, you can download more forms on our site ( – just keep the very first page of the Life.doc so you can get the requested password!

1. Emergency Plan

This emergency plan includes important information that you will need in cases of emergency such as where to meet, who your out of state contact is, emergency phone numbers, what to grab and where it’s located, where your home shut off valves are and much more.

2. Family Basics

This section provides form for 4 family members and includes where they live, school/work info, work-related info (boss’s Name, Work ID, etc.) and general information you may need.

3. In Sickness & In Health

You guessed it! This section outlines health and medical info like primary physician contact information, any medical procedures, allergies, medications, Specialists, etc. for four members of your family.

4. Insurance

This section is for listing all your insurance contacts and includes medical, homeowners and even Pet Insurance! If you have insurance for it, there is a place to enter your information!

5. Dollars & Sense

If we want to contact our Financial Advisor or Mortgage Company, we usually can get that info pretty quickly – and this section makes is even easier. Anything to do with your finances from your bank to your credit cards, to real estate, can be listed here. BUT, no account numbers are listed, only the establishment and contact info! This way your personal information is safe from identity theft.

6. Legal Ease

Where is the will? Where is the trust? Is there a living will? This section lets you know where these items are kept – both the original and copies. If you need to know where any legal document can be found, it will be listed in this section. It is very comprehensive and includes lawyer contact, divorce, military, adoption papers and so much more!

7. Caregiver Information

This section includes everything a caretaker would need to know – including a house sitter! AND it’s not just for children, but for eldercare too. It includes Emergency Authorization Form to complete for those times you are not available to handle an emergency for your child.

8. Home Sweet Home

This section has space to list everyone involved in the care and maintenance of your home from the housekeeper, to the dog walker and everyone in between! Simply list their name, home phone and cell phone and you are set for your entire home repair and upkeep needs.

That’s a short summary of our Life.doc. It’s VERY comprehensive and comes with a CD ROM so you can type in the information, and print out on the pages provided. We suggest you start with the section that is most important to you – and complete it first, then tackle another section.

Let us know if you have any additional questions!