Do you have organizational envy?

Have you ever looked at someone else’s life and just wished you “had it together” like they did?

I sure have.

Take the linen closet below, for example. Love. Wish I had mine together like this woman does. I mean, she actually shaped yarn into the words “hair,” “skin,” etc., and glued them onto the bins artfully. Genius! I know I’d break out into a big grin every time I opened the closet door if I knew beautiful bins like that would greet me.

{via:Achados De Decoracao}

Interestingly though, most of the time I actually don’t envy physical organization. I can live with a little chaos – although I would prefer to be in a pristine environment. I have systems in place that ensure my own environment stays within pretty neat boundaries.

No, the kind of organizational genius I envy has to do with mental with-it-ness.

Those people who are busy but not crazed. Have a successful professional life, but not at the expense of a personal life. They volunteer — and make sure their children volunteer. They read books. They cook, exercise, and maybe even have a hobby or two. They sleep too. And not just 4 hours – a full 7 or 8 hours a night. They respond to emails and are on facebook, but they aren’t tethered to a mobile device; they put their smart phone down when they are in the presence of other human beings.

They are present. And filled with purpose.

That is who I want to be.

On many days I feel a million miles from that. But on some days, everything clicks and I know I have it in me.

The green-eyed monster only rears its head (albeit fiercely) on those days when I am feeling the farthest thing from purposeful. Perhaps it is because I know I have it in me and am afraid. Afraid I am failing. Afraid I will look back and see a life that could have been lived with greater purpose. Less busyness.

Maybe instead of simply feeling envious, I should learn to recognize the initial flare of jealousy as an SOS message from my soul. And then go “rescue” it.

What about you? Do you have any organizational envy? If so, what kind of envy? Am I alone in feeling envious of those who live their purpose consistently? Does that describe you? If so, what’s your secret?