Car organization: get ready for a summer road trip

Yesterday, Sarah was in Philadelphia on NBC’s The 10! Show sharing tips on what you need to have organized for any upcoming road trips. Take a peek at the video to see what you should have squared away before you hit the road.

Here’s Your Safety Checklist

• Check your tires. Properly inflated tires not only make the car safer to drive, but make your car 10% more efficient when it comes to gas.
• Make sure you have a pair of sunglasses handy – keep in middle storage compartment or glove compartment.
• Tool to break open the glass
• First Aid Kit with all the essentials
Collision Kit in case of an accident
• Water in the trunk (at least a gallon)

Here’s a Checklist for Keeping Kids Entertained

• 100 calorie snack packs for the kids
• Trash bags for garbage
• Wipes
• CD/tape/Playlist of fun favorite songs
• Give older kids a travel journal right before you leave for the trip. Encourage them to write and draw whatever they see or hear that’s interesting to them.
• Let kids use your digital camera frequently (or if you have an old one handy, give them that to use throughout your trip). You might be surprised the new perspective they capture of the trip.
• Keep a list of classic games you can play if batteries/power fails and digital devices can’t be used: ABC Game, License Plates – letter or state game, Guess who I am, Twenty Questions