Hallway transformation

I have been organizing the basement where I keep some products of ours and our home office too.

But it’s funny how life gets in the way of plans! The team here will vouch that I’ve been working on the office and basement for over two months now – seriously. But I’ve just been busy with life – spring cleaning (what little of it I actually do) and now the outdoors beckons me. But I know I will finish it all and it will look great – plus I’m actually having a ball!

So to show you I’ve actually gotten started, this is my basement hallway mess before, and after. I did it in stages, when I found the time, but at least I knew the steps to get it done. The result: I actually got my messy hallway organized!

I did it in three steps:

1. Clear out and make a decision.

Yep, I went through each box and bin, and decided if we wanted to keep it or not. If I wanted to keep it, I either repackaged it back in its bin or box, or put it in a colorful storage box and labeled the box. If it was recycle-able I put it in our recycle bin.

2. Clean up and install storage.

Once the hallway was clear, I cleaned the baseboards, ceiling and floor. I – all by myself – put up the wire racks you see. It was easy – just a little challenging to actually get the box into the house. I highly recommend a household dolly to move heavy items like this. As you can see, the hallway is narrow – too narrow to put the shelves sideways to create a little room divider. That is what I originally wanted, but this works out quite well!

3. Load the shelves.

Pretty self explanatory – but it is worth noting that I wanted to put items I would not reference or need very often on these shelves. I also put boxes that were in my main work area on these shelves – those pesky files the IRS makes you keep, etc. Heaviest items on the bottom shelves, lighter ones up top, ones I may reference most often on the closest shelf to the hallway entrance. Basically, what I thought would work for me.

Looks tons better doesn’t it?


I couldn’t walk through the hallway or see what was behind the first couple rows of boxes.

This is what it looked like if you looked over the boxes. Organized chaos – I actually did know what was in each box, but had to climb over others just to get to the one I wanted. Crazy huh!


Much better, isn’t it! I can actually walk through the hallway and find what I need! AND I it’s a relief that it’s done!

Do you have your own “Hallway” issue? What clutter problem do you have that you’re putting off?