Fun DYMO LabelWriter – the 450 duo

Today I tried out the DYMO LabelWriter® 450 Duo! What a surprise!

At first I thought it looked a clunky, but honestly it is the cutest DYMO LabelWriter yet! It is deceptively light weight and easy to position almost anywhere – a desk, a shelf, a counter, etc. It comes with software that takes just minutes – if not seconds – to download. The Quick Start Guide is easy to read and figure out and the label roll and cassette were easy to load into the 450 Duo.

Well, almost – the cassette gave me a little hard time until I understood that the first label should be longer – like showing though the exit port – to really get started and printed on. Then – WHAM – it popped out so fast I still haven’t found it!

What I really like is that you can customize your labels any way you like – including barcodes! Plus you can print postage stamps with no monthly fee. And you can pop in a label cartridge for plastic DYMO labels, or you can use a roll of labels – at the same time! I like how the cartridge area at the bottom opens with a touch of a button – very sweet. If you need to print address labels, postage, labels with barcodes, name badges or file labels, and may only need to print one, or more, the DYMO LabelWriter 450 Duo has the flexibility you need!

Here are the features:

DYMO Label™ v.8 Software offers 60+ professional layouts, then customize with a company logo or any other graphic.

The Label Writer Duo printer never needs ink or toner – you just need to purchase tape or labels!

The label software that comes with the product works with Microsoft® Word, Excel®, Outlook®, QuickBooks®, ACT!®, and more.

Single label printing made really quick and easy with their new Quick Print, it prints 71 labels per minute (4-line address label).

DYMO Stamps® – Purchase and print USPS® approved postage with no monthly fee with an Internet connection.

Address Fixer™ – Verify US addresses and add zip+4® codes with an Internet connection.

DYMO File™LT – scan in your papers and use this to manage your digital files – requires a scanner.

You can use cassette with durable plastic DYMO D1 Labels, or roll of labels with this machine.

For more information about the DYMO 450 Duo, visit DYMO