Are you an emotional hoarder?

When I think about all the things I’m hoarding, the ones I think are the worst for me are the beliefs and emotions in my head.

I tend to find it hard for me to let go of negative feelings and this emotional clutter is interfering with my life. That’s why I need to put an end to it NOW.

I just recently discovered certain things about myself. I hoard certain beliefs. I am very attached to wanting the people I love interact with me in specific ways. When they don’t act the way I want them to, even if they are showing their love in other ways, I withhold my expressions of love, or get angry and frustrated.

I had to clean out my own emotional “closet” to make room for the idea that everyone is different and people don’t have to express their love YOUR way to make it real/meaningful. Every day, I need to remind myself of this so my emotions don’t control me – I control my emotions.

One of the problems with hoarding is that it doesn’t create the space for anything new to come into your life. It doesn’t matter if what you’re hoarding is physical or emotional. If you don’t have room for new things or new experiences, you’ll just keep recycling the same old stuff and eventually drown in your sea of stuff.

What are some of the beliefs or emotions you hoard? Are you willing to release your hoarder’s grip on those beliefs to create room for something new and different?