I am a recovering pack rat

I have a confession to make: there are just some things I cannot bear to get rid of. I am not talking about anything sentimental. Not photos or concert ticket stubs or even my daughter’s school papers. I am referring to just junk that I know I don’t need but cant quite find a way to donate or throw away.

Now I am not a pack rat with everything. I would give myself a B+ in terms of cleaning out closets, throwing away stuff in the garage and donating older electronics. I am talking about strange categories of goods I have no idea why I need of why I keep.

My Promise

So here it goes….I, Alicia Rockmore, am going to get rid of the two types of things I definitely do not need: t-shirts and luggage. This ‘obsession’ is not entirely my fault (that is my story and I am sticking to it). For years me and my husband, Adam, worked for companies who continued to give us branded SWAG that while we didn’t need and gave a lot away to friends and family, still seemed to pile up.


Look at all of these shirts. These are just the ones I am donating. Most of them have never been worn and all of them will be of better use giving them to people in need. Besides, who doesn’t need a little more closet space? I must say the now empty shelves make me feel great.


Look at this pile of bags that we do not need, do not use, and just take up space! All of them are getting dropped off tomorrow at a shelter. These have been under my bed forever collecting dust.

So I have done my part. I made my promise and I have kept it. What are you holding on to that you can get rid of? Let me know. I cannot wait to hear.