Cleaning for a reason week!

Cleaning For A Reason Week!

Nothing makes me feel better as when my home is clean and shiny. I’m pretty sure most, if not all women would feel the same way. But when you are ill, undergoing cancer treatment, let’s face it, the focus is on getting through the treatments and getting better – not on cleaning.

That’s where Cleaning For A Reason week – April 18-April 24 – comes in.

Cleaning For A Reason is a nonprofit organization that recruits local, professional cleaning services to provide free home cleanings for women undergoing cancer treatment. They connect the patient applicant to the cleaning service partners. Women undergoing cancer treatment need to feel as good as possible and this organization is a great help!

Founded in Texas in 2005 it is rapidly expanding to cover all 50 states. For more information and a list of participating cleaning services in your area, visit

Wish you could help? Well you can!

Hoover (as in Hoover vacuums and carpet cleaners) plans to donate 700 vacuums throughout the year to participating cleaning services, and has been a charity partner with Cleaning For A Reason for the past two years. Hoover will donate $1 to the cause for every new Hoover Facebook “like” and new Twitter follower, up to $25,000.

Pretty easy way to help this worthy organization isn’t it? Simply visit or and help Hoover reach their goal!

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