Decorating the outside of your home for easter

While many people rush to decorate the outside of their homes for Christmas, few spend much time thinking about the other holidays. This year, make your outdoor Easter display one that will set your house apart and make your neighbors smile. There are some easy and inexpensive ways that you can turn your outdoor decor into a cheerful reflection of Easter and spring.

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere

There is nothing that speaks to the beauty of spring more than the addition of flowers. While you may be planning all of the floral decorations indoors, do not forget about the outside. Fill a large planter with colorful pansies or tulips and place it by your front door. Window boxes can be filled with brightly colored spring flowers. To add a touch of Easter accent to the flower boxes and planters, use floral decorations that can be found at craft stores. While most are deemed for indoor use, if you are using them in a relatively covered area, they should last for the length of the season. Try to avoid floral picks with glitter, as the glitter wears off quickly and leaves you with a dull decoration.

Children’s Artwork

Let your children color construction paper Easter eggs and hang them on your windows. Place the colored side facing the outside and use a small strip of invisible tape to adhere them to the window. You can also make construction paper grass to line the bottom of the window pane and then place the eggs “in” the grass. If you do not mind your children using window paint, that is also another option for creative and fun Easter window decor.

Light It Up

Just as you lit up the house for Christmas with strands of tiny white lights, so too can you light up your house for Easter. Using the same small white lights, or strands of pastel colored lights, string them around the bushes, doorframe and porch rails. Your home will be a colorful pastel display.

Some Bunny Is Watching

Instead of a scarecrow, have a bunny on your front porch. You can purchase pre-made large bunnies that can sit in a chair or on a stool to greet visitors. If purchasing one is out of your budget range, create your own using white fabric and felt. Sew a large rag doll form, stuff it and attach bunny ears to the top. Glue on pink felt for the nose and add some whiskers. You can make the doll as big, or as small, as you would like. It will make an excellent outdoor decoration that can also be brought indoors.

Decorating for Easter is a time to let your child-like imagination soar. There are endless possibilities for decorating outside for Easter if you think outside of the box. Take the time to make your home look as good and as festive from the outside as you make it look on the inside. Your family and your guests will be delighted with your efforts.

About the Author

Jessica Ackerman of, is an interior designer who illustrates how simple it can be to use metal wall crosses and tree wall sculptures.