A million letters for Mighty Max

I got an email from an old high school friend tonight that truly touched my heart. I hope everyone who visits the site sends him a card. Like right NOW!

Max is 12 years old and prefers to be called “Mighty Max”.  He has cancer.  The Make a Wish Foundation that grants wishes to children with terminal illnesses contacted Max and his family to offer Max such a wish.  Many times children choose to go on trips to some pretty great destinations, etc.  But Mighty Max’s wish is to receive one million cards.  We are sending his address out to you so you can send him a card.  You can also send his wish on to anyone you think might send him a card.  His address is :
            Mighty Max Low
            c/o Greg & Bambi Low
            P.O. Box 111
            Neola, Iowa  51559

Here’s to Max’s wish coming true.

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