Why I joined the roll-volution (& you should too)

It was crunch time. T-20 minutes until the boys had to be at the YMCA for their gym class. Hubby was still sound asleep, fried from pulling multiple all-nighters on a big project.

A glance in the mirror revealed a medusa-like hairdo. I raked it with a brush and made a quick ponytail.

The boys were playing nicely with Hot Wheels. I looked up at the stairs. Did I have enough time to use the loo and change from sweats to jeans before things went south and they launched into their version of Wrestle Mania IV?

I decided to risk it.

I dashed up the stairs, taking two at a time and headed straight into the bathroom at the top of the landing. The minute my youngest heard the door close, he started shrieking. I wanted to turn around to get him…but I needed to go more. It was dire.

Seconds after sitting down, my youngest burst in the door all snotty and screechy. He giggled when he saw me and then made quacking sounds as he went in search of the rubber duckies he knew were in the tub somewhere.

I glanced at my watch. T-19 minutes. I mentally mapped out the next five minutes and shouted down to my oldest to put his sneakers on.

Then I leaned over to grab some TP from the roll.


Nothing left but one, pathetic little square.

Double ugh.

Our chronic non-replacer (i.e. DH) had struck again.

Seriously, is there anything worse? Guys just don’t seem to understand.

The nearest replacement roll is in the linen closet. There’s no way I’m waddling that far.

Sorry hubby – you fail to change out the roll when you use it, you pay the consequences.

“HONEY?!?” I shout at the top of my lungs.



I hear some grumblings from the bedroom. A head peers in the door and grumps, “I was up until 3am working last night. What do you need?”

“Toilet paper please,” I respond as un-self-righteously as I can. “The replacement rolls are in the linen closet.” I spare him the lecture on needing to do a better job about replacing used up rolls. I figure the wake-up call is punishment enough.

DH hands me a roll and galumps back to bed.

T-14 minutes. We’ve wasted 5 minutes on this TP change. FIVE MINUTES PEOPLE!

Those five minutes just cost this mom her dignity at the gym. Not that I had that much left. But still!

“That’s it,” I say to myself. It’s time to put an end to the roll changing shirking going on around here.

Count me in on this roll-volution!

That’s right boys. This mom means business. I’m going to try to get these beasts I live with to, er, turn over a new roll.

With a little help from my Buttoned Up teammates, I whipped up a little “course” to teach those roll-changing-avoiders the basics of how to change a roll. I’ll be using the White Cloud limited time bonus pack for practice: 6 rolls for the price of 4!

Roll changing 101

Step 1: Determine the Need. The easiest way to make sure the roll gets replaced is to hold a family class on how to determine IF the roll is empty enough to warrant a new roll. Once the family understands that one or two squares are not enough for anyone (especially Mom!) to use you can move on to the next lesson.

Step 2: Squeeze and Remove. Perhaps the confusion is that our households do not understand HOW to squeeze the roll holder to remove it and hence remove the old and empty roll. Use this time to bond giving lessons on how to squeeze the roll holder even with “man” fingers. For teenagers, remind them that they should not be texting while going to the bathroom anyway so their fingers should be available to complete this step too!

Step 3: Add the New Roll. This third step is the most crucial. (Placing the roll atop the holder is not comparable to adding a new roll!) By adding a new roll to the holder and putting the roll holder back in place, they will have successfully changed the toilet paper roll! Give your brood positive feedback on this great achievement.

Step 4: Starting the New Roll. Just because your family has conquered adding a new roll of toilet paper to the holder, you are not finished. Demonstrate the proper way to START the roll – no ribboning of the roll (see the usual suspects here). The new, even thicker White Cloud can help alleviate this issue!

Come and show your solidarity with me.

Join the Roll-volution! Here’s how to do your part: head to mywhitecloud.com/roll and see what kind of shirkers lurk in your household and post it on your Facebook page. While you’re on the site, enter to win one of the daily giveaways (a $25 WalMart Gift Card!). Spread the word. Like White Cloud on Facebook or Fan them on Twitter (@whitecloudmom)for more fun. And remember to stock up on the bonus pack or the GreenEarth rolls too.

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