Lazy is a compliment

Earlier this year, Meagan Francis (The Happiest Mom) wrote a piece that really resonated with me titled Do Fewer Things. Do Them Better.. In fact, I’ve attempted to incorporate the title of her post into my own life as a mantra of sorts ever since I read it.

I have to say, every time I get stressed about the smorgasbord of things-to-do, I say the mantra and feel the stress lift (a little).

I’ve also been making more of an effort to read about and meditate upon this notion of simplifying. I want to actively weed out the unnecessary and give myself room to do a better job with the truly important.

In my quest, I came across this incredible post on Zen Habits titled: The Lazy Manifesto: Do Less. Then, Do Even Less.

Definitely worth the read if you’re feeling overwhelmed with to-do’s.

Have a chill Tuesday!

Are you good at doing less? Or are you always busy? If the former, were you always good at doing less, or was it something you learned to do? If the latter, what could you do today to step off the treadmill and onto the real open road?