Why Valentine’s Day is necessary

I got a little flack this weekend via email regarding my post questioning the necessity of Valentine’s Day.

While I personally fall into the camp of, “I’d rather celebrate the people we love every day,” I’d also argue that for most of us Valentine’s Day is an absolute necessity.


It drags us kicking and screaming from our daily, just-in-time-scramble to a place of organized thoughtfulness – where we are forced to take a moment to tell the people we love how great they are.

Be honest, if you didn’t have the external pressure to say “I love you” to all of your Valentines – how many months (or years) would pass before you got around to showering them with warm fuzzies?

It takes organization and planning to truly honor the people in our lives. Without the deadline of February 14th, most of us would probably never get around to it.

It got me thinking…maybe we all dislike the holiday in inverse proportion to our overall level of time management skills. The better you are at scheduling your priorities (including those I love you’s), the less you hate the holiday. And vice-versa.

Tell me, are you pro-Valentine’s Day or anti-Valentine’s Day? Why? Do you think you would remember to tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them without a reminder like Valentine’s Day? Would your significant other?

{Feature Photo Credit} – Is there anything better than candy hearts?