Anne Marie’s New Year’s resolutions – one month in

So today marks one month of the new year down and gone. And it’s time to take a look at the New Year’s resolutions and see how I’m doing.

So Goal #1 was to lose 10 Pounds per quarter. That’s 3.33 pounds per month. I was planning to do this by working out 4 days/week and dieting. It’s been tough getting back into the routine, with my buddy’s schedule change and the weather. The diet started out very well, and kind of fizzled near the end of the month. So February 1st is a great day to restart it! The end result as of today is that I’ve lost 2.5 pounds! So something is working – I just need to power it up a little more.

Goal #2 was to pay down our debt. I was planning on doing this using the snowball method of debt reduction. january’s plan was to research and purchas a book to help. Dave Ramsey’s book, Total Money Makeover A Proven Plan For Financial Fitness was the book recommended to me by MandiMindingMoney, and read it cover to cover. LOVED IT!! It really can help you focus and is full of great advice.

Man when you focus on something it is amazing what the Universe will send you! The mini emergency fund is established, per the book. The budget is established and was fun to put together and suddenly I had all kinds of ‘found’ money.

So with this new budget and newfound cash I paid off one bill and have plans to pay off another in February! AND I planned on executing the plan as of 2/1 – so I am ahead of the game. Like I said it is amazing what will happen when you WRITE IT DOWN like in a New Year’s resolution with a plan of action behind it! I am absolutely giddy with the results of this resolution!

That leaves my Goal #3: Take time off for family and fun. I wanted to plan out vacations and schedule in fun things. I do have a calendar, but dates are not marked off yet. My husband is not sure when he can take time off so the actual vacation can wait a month or so to plan. However, other opportunities have come up that normally wouldn’t!

I took my sister Dottie to Panera for lunch; Mom has called me a lot this month with fun stuff going on in her life, so that has been fun. Went to a birthday party and saw all kinds of friends and family. And then out of the blue my niece called to see if I could run out and meet them for lunch as they were in the area! Just this past weekend we had a night of cards and video games at my brother-in-laws. And my husband and I have been talking more and more – which is always fun and nice! And that is just for the first month of the year! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will be like!

I don’t normally focus on New Year resolutions. Ever. But I see that by putting together a plan, writing it down and really committing to it changes can and do happen. I know I’m still lagging in the diet/fitness area, but I know I can get that going now that the finance/family resolutions are moving along well!

I’m open to any suggestions you may have! How are your resolutions going?