Alicia’s 3 Resolutions – AN UPDATE

So I am one month in on my resolutions and despite a few bumps in the road, I am proud to say , I have mostly kept them and do significantly better than in years past. Here below is a recap of my resolutions and how I am honestly doing so far.

-I will exercise at least 4 days a week – I have done this each and every week without exception

-I will talk about things to my husband, family and friends at least once a week that are hard for me to talk about like my 90 year old mom and her declining health. I have made significant progress on this, talking, crying and then crying some more and the more I do this, the easier it is and the better I feel.

-I will take at least one full weekend day off from email and work. I have taken a full day off each weekend from work (some times even both days) but I have yet to fully walk away from email for a full weekend day. This one still needs some work. Suggestions and tips are welcome!

So that is my update. How are you doing on yours? I would love to hear.