Get Buttoned Up With Alicia Rockmore

4>Get Buttoned Up With Alicia Rockmore
by Leanne of Resources

We’re featuring Alicia Rockmore of Get Buttoned Up today and we totally love that she says she’s the self-proclaimed organizational maniac! We’re a little on the maniacally organized side ourselves .
Alicia is a pro at juggling her busy career and home life and she’s an expert at everything to do with organization. Her friends and family describe her as over-the-top organized and call on her to help them get their lives “Buttoned Up” and pulled together. This includes everything from organizing closets to managing financial information to planning a family reunion! She’s detail-oriented and list-driven and never misses a thing . . . not even through 11 moves in 16 years of marriage! She notes, “Being organized allows me to get much more. I have learned that when I handle even just the few critical things in my life, I feel so much more relaxed. Being organized does not have to be hard. As a matter of fact, it can be fun.”

Don’t think so? Well, at Buttoned Up, Alicia helps crazy-busy women get sanely and successfully organized through advice, tips, products and her blog. And it is fun!

Alicia’s tips:
1. Plan for the worst and hope for the best, especially with money.

2. Prioritize what’s most important and do that first.

3. Don’t give up.

Find Alicia on Twitter and Facebook and grab the full interview here.

What do you struggle with in terms of organization?

Photo Credit: lisaclarke on Flickr