Making Time for ME!

I am a 24 year old college graduate, and I am currently managing an athletic retail clothing store, and I need help staying organized! I manage about 25 people underneath me and my days are always chaotic but FUN! It usually starts off with workouts, a floor shift, meetings with my staff, admin time (emails, expense reports, scheduling) and I finish with another workout, walking my puppy and trying to spend time with my boyfriend. But usually I do so much work at home, on my iphone at the store I never have any me time!

SO my question is, what is your best planner that you use? How do you stay organized?

Thanks so much – Jillene

You sound busy all right!

Whatever planner you use, the best method of making sure you have “ME” time, is to schedule it in just as you would your workouts, floor shift, meetings with your staff and everything else you need to get done in a day. Maybe your “me” time is during your walk with your puppy, or handing the leash to your boyfriend a couple times a week and spending that time doing something just for you.

The key is that once scheduled, do not give that time up any more than you would give up your staff meetings! Make it that important to you and it will get done. Since you use your iPhone a great deal, use it for your schedule and if possible set alarms so you don’t miss any “me” time appointments.

Good Luck!