Ask Your Guru – Getting Things Running Well

Question: Just started reading Pretty Neat, and am starting to identify my problem areas. Truly, I can’t think of much (okay, anything), that is “running well”. I honestly feel as though almost everything needs an overhaul. Help!!!!!

Shannon – You can relax! We give you tips and tricks throughout the book. You are probably more Buttoned Up than you think! Just take it one step at a time – read the entire book before you panic. Do the exercises in the book to help identify your strengths and weaknesses, and follow the advice given by Sarah, Alicia and all the real women who shared their secrets.

Once you’ve finished the book, start small, just baby steps to get organized. The success will help motivate you to continue and try larger projects. We are talking about starting with a drawer, then move up to a book case, then closet, etc. Start small and work your way through your problem areas and before you know it you will be done!

Let us know about your progress! – Anne Marie