10 Ways to Use Labels to Get Your Office Ready for the New Year

Are you thinking beyond the Holidays to getting your office ready for a new year? So am I! Here are 10 ideas using labels to help you get focused.

1. Check out the new equipment you may have purchased this year. Make sure inventory and equipment ownership labels are up to date and clear. If any are showing any normal wear, update with new labels.

2. Create a New Year tax file. Create files just for what you will need this upcoming year for your taxes (Money In, Money Out) and then just pop items in during the year! Once tax time comes, you will have everything in one place without having to hunt for them!

3. Get the New Year files ready! We all have to switch over files, whether it’s customer, vendor, accounting, or financial files, we all do it. When you label the files in advance with the year (ie. 2011 Deposits) then it’s easy to pull them and create new ones!

4. Go through files you will not need and box them up for storage. Be sure to use a printed label to identify the contents. This way handwriting will not be an issue when you need to find something!

5. Update your return address labels – add your logo or web site to your addresses. If you are in sales, include your business phone number! Just one more way to get your information in front of your customer and prospects.

6. Clear out your supply cabinet – what did you use last year and what sat there? Once you know what your normal usage is, clear space to handle the items you need and use most often. Reorganize your supply cabinet and label shelves with the location of each item.

7. Do you need to keep your planner pages from year to year? Then create a binder or bin to hold those pages until you are sure you will not need them again. Use a label the year of the planner pages on the outside of your binder.

8. Stock up on visitor tags if you hold meetings or have customers visit your facility. Add your logo and make your small company look like a put together company!

9. If your company has a library – even if it’s just a couple of shelves with reference materials for your industry, be sure to label the inside of the books with the company name, address and phone number – even web site. This way, if anyone borrows a book and forgets where they got it from, it is clearly labeled so they can return it!

10. Change printed materials when only a small section needs to be updated by placing a label over the change, or adding the new information to existing copy. This can save you piles of cash if you only need to change one or two things – like a new address, website, or telephone number. Or if you’ve added services.

How do you make these changes? With the DYMO labelwriters of course. I’m lucky – I have two! I have the hand held 260P, which is great for items I need to leave my desk area to label. It’s contoured to fit your hand so I don’t mind taking it to the storage area or warehouse area; it’s light and not bulky. I also have the 450 Twin Turbo – which I use for address labels, postage, visitor tags, etc. These labelwriters help make my office more organized and professional looking – even in those times when I’m so busy I don’t feel organized! Try them out!

For more information on the DYMO family of label printers, go HERE . There is a model that will fit your needs!

Disclosure: This is sponsored content and we have been paid to do this post. That being said, we do not blog about anything we do not believe in and DYMO did not edit our post or direct our content in any way.