Ask Your Guru: New Job Organization

I just stared a new job and there is always new task and deadlines to meet and they are done yearly, what is the best way to keep track of all the responsibilities and deadlines as I have to refer to them next year, how do I keep track…lost in my job

Congratulations on the new job! The best way to keep track of what you have to do on a yearly basis is create a monthly tickler file. For the things you do only in a certain month, make sure those files – or at least a reference sheet for those things – are in that month’s folder. If you need to prepare items in advance of that month, then make note in the month or two ahead. So if you have things that must be done in September, but you must prepare other items for that – put a ticker note in your July and August folders!

For ongoing projects and deadlines, it’s best to keep track in a personal organizer/planner/calendar. Plan out the project going back from the due date to the present and you can see how much actual time you have to get it done. Then schedule time during your day/week to get working on the project. Schedule what we call “DND” time – do not disturb time. Put your phone on DND, put your email notice off and just focus on the task at hand. Let others know you will be unavailable during that time so you can meet your deadline.

Remember, if you schedule out your day, only schedule in 4 hours and not a full 8 hours. There are always going to be last minute items to complete and interruptions & unscheduled meetings that will take you away from what you had planned to get done. By only scheduling 4 hours, you give yourself the freedom to accomplish what needs to be done by you and what is unexpected. If you have an easy, uninterrupted day, then of course you can accomplish more than your scheduled 4 hours!

I hope these simple tips will help you get organized as you start your new position! – AMF