A Creative Way To Display Holiday Cards

Do you receive tons of greeting cards from friends and family, and want a creative way to display them? Here is a fun and easy way to show off your cards!

What You Need: Wide ribbon in a festive color, scissors, wall adhesive tape or thumbtacks, small clothespins, cards. Michaels has great sales right now on all holiday items and decorations.

Step 1: Find a wall space in your home where you want to display your cards

Since this display is going to be vertically-oriented, find a wall that has a good amount of vertical space. It can even be adjacent to a doorway or refrigerator.

Step 2: Cut ribbon at the length you desire

Unspool a length of wide ribbon, then cut it depending on the length of wall space or how many cards you have to display. For me, I have a lot of cards to display, so I’m going to utilize the full length of vertical space I have to work with.

Step 3: Hang the ribbon

Using a small piece of wall adhesive or thumbtack, affix one end of your strip of ribbon to the wall (or any vertical, flat surface) so that it hangs vertically. You can even hang multiple strips if you have more cards to display. If so, space them about 8-9 inches apart.

Step 4: Attach cards to the ribbon

Using small clothespins (these cute snowmen ones I found at Michaels), attach the cards to the ribbon. This will keep the cards in place and make it easy to add or move cards as new ones arrive.

Do you have any other fun, creative ways to display holiday cards? If so, please share below! Happy Holidays!