Guest Guru: Krista Green – Are you being served?

Are you being served?

By Krista Green of

Lots of people think or say “I should get organized”. That’s the first challenge. The idea of “getting organized” – with an “-ed” at the end – implies that it’s a onetime thing – that once you do it, you’ll be set (and organized) for life.

Recognizing that organization is a process, not an event, is the all-important first step in the journey toward becoming more organized.

And it’s in that word – becoming – where the magic really lives.

It’s a future tense of the verb “to be”.

Although subtle, that’s the key: it’s not about “getting” organized – someday, or even now – it’s about “being” organized.

It’s a way of being – where you continue to show up consistently in a manner that supports the desired end result – one that helps your life run more smoothly.

For that is truly at the heart of what organization achieves in your life: it helps you attain the blissful state known to many simply as “flow”.

Things just work better.

YOU work better.

Your LIFE works better.

“Being organized” isn’t an end in itself… just as “making money” or “losing weight” isn’t, either. All are merely ideas which are ideally positioned to be in service of the life you want. When those things become the goal(s), rather than the life you want, they become a chore or burden.

So step back and really think about the life you want.

Then ask yourself a simple question:

What would “being organized” make possible for you? More time with your kids? More joy having friends over? More fulfillment in your work?

However organized you need to be to give yourself what you want – that’s organized enough, whether it fits in with anyone else’s image of organization or not!

About the Author

Krista Green is a lifestyle expert in the fields of Organizing and Business. She is seen regularly on the platform speaking at conferences and corporate events, and providing training and management consulting for business owners and high performers. Named to the Top 40 Under 40 list of outstanding young business professionals, she is the author of the book “Get Noticed. Be Remembered: Creating a Personal Brand Strategy for Success” and the 4-Disc Audio Series “How to Brand, Sell, Market and Grow Your Business.” For more information on Krista, visit