Guest Guru: Katie Kiyo – Remember Always

Remember Always

by Katie Kiyo of BigHugLLC

When we lose a loved one, or know of a dear friend who’s lost a loved one, or lost a beloved family pet, we often don’t know how to honor the passing after the initial “I’m sorry.” And there is a movement in the U.S. toward cremation, scattering-of-ashes ceremonies, and other non-traditional funeral services. With this trend, grief counselors often stress the importance of creating focal points to reflect on. Thus, interest in tangible reminders that can take many forms continues to grow.

BigHug LLC is an online remembrance gift company, that provides uplifting, meaningful gifts that honor the memory of people and pets who have passed. Funerals always seem to come up unexpectedly, often cross-country, and we usually find ourselves scrambling for cards, and sources for meaningful gifts and flowers. This does not need to be a “dark” subject!

Here are some suggestions for those occasions:

1. Have some beautiful sympathy cards on hand. An E-sympathy card is not an acceptable substitute for a handwritten note to express your condolences.

2. Have a favorite book of poetry or favorite phrases from which to draw inspiration, and add depth and meaning to your note.

3. Consider gift alternatives to flowers and sympathy baskets that honor the memory in more enduring ways, including personalized remembrance gifts, philanthropic donations or scholarships.

4. Plant a tree or garden memorial in a public or private setting, and mark it with a personalized Tree Hugger (tree tag), garden stone, plaque or marker.

Garden Marker

Memories of You Stone

5. Personalized wind chimes tuned to the first six notes of Amazing Grace, one of our nation’s best-loved hymns, are also unique and memorable.

Personalized Wind Chimes

6. Mark your calendar and reach out throughout the year on key dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. At these times, a simple ‘thinking of you’ card, a kind word and a hug that expresses your care and compassion, are the perfect gift.

7. Don’t forget to acknowledge pet loss…because beloved pets are also an important part of family life.

Custom Leather Portait Pillows and Pet Memorials

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