Guest Guru: Marie Ruddock – My “Five Minute Bag”

My “Five Minute Bag”

By Marie Ruddock of Contain It With Miss Marie

I am career woman whose husband works out of town all week. That leaves just me to take care of three children who are each involved in NUMEROUS school activities from band to baseball and many in between. Because of this, I have found that taking advantage of my so-called “down time” helps me to get through the day without losing sanity.

I have a very pretty “5-Minute Bag” that goes everywhere with me. As I walk in the house from a long day at work, I grab the mail out of the box and put it in the bag. Papers from the kids go into the bag. Magazines that I would like to read but can’t find the time go into the bag. I also have a few blank note cards to use as notes to friends or as that little thank you note you would otherwise forget to write. I have a small pocket sized digital camera to catch those special times which otherwise you would always have forgotten at home on the kitchen table, a small first aid kit, nail care set, clear nail polish, small umbrella (just in case), extra car key (I learned that the hard way), and a tiny mending kit.

My bag goes everywhere I go and this is why…

While I am at the Doctors office or at another appointment, I pull out that magazine, tear out anything that deserves being put back in the bag, and simply leave the now read magazine for the next person to enjoy.

When I am waiting to pickup one of the kids at the school after practice, I work on paying the bills that I put in the bag as I walked in the house earlier. I can do this because I have my bill paying materials including a pen, return address labels and stamps with me.

I write notes to friends or thank you notes for someone that did something special. I keep all of my favorite addresses in my cell phone for just those times. Because I have everything with me, I can drop all of the mail off at the post office on my way home.

As I left the house, I threw my cell phone in my bag so I can review appointments for the week. My cell phone also holds those important addresses which by the way I have already used for my notes. I will use it again in the next five minutes to call my mother and talk about the kids who are not yet in the car. While I am gabbing away I freshen up my nails. They should be dry before I got home.

When I get home, I have all that “5 minute stuff” done and can now sit down, put my feet up, and watch my favorite TV show…for the next five minutes.

About the Author

“Ms. Marie” Ruddock is the sole owner of Contain it with Ms. Marie, which evolved through years of advice given to others on how they too could become more organized. Her friends actually refused to not to pay her any more. Through individual consultations, she now turns chaos into a manageable organized system tailored specifically for the client.

She has an accounting degree through Cambria-Rowe Business College, and is continuing her education as a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), majoring in Hospitality Management with a focus on Event Planning.

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