Boom Boom! Cards, the Intentional Acts of Kindness Kit

Boom Boom! Cards, the Intentional Acts of Kindness Kit

Remember the film Play It Forward? It’s about a little boy who did an act of kindness and asked the person helped to pass it on to someone else and have them pass it on and help someone else, and so on, and so on. If you love the concept and want your family to learn to give back, to be tolerant and kind, Boom Boom! Revolution has a wonderful way to do it! Boom Boom! Revolution is bringing a new way for families to interact to create and inspire kindness! They are doing it with their Boom Boom! Cards!

Designed to create a social revolution of giving, each deck of Boom Boom! Cards contains 26 individual acts of kindness. The cards in the new Family edition of Boom Boom! Cards focus on everyday acts that children and family members can perform in order to create and inspire kindness. Once a card has been completed, a “mission accomplished” sticker can be placed on the Command Central Activity Board so the whole family can get involved with tracking their success. It’s a wonderful opportunity for parents to reinforce the values of compassion and kindness, while having fun and sharing positive experiences with their kids!

I was sent a Family Edition of these cards and right off the bat I liked that the only part I threw away was the plastic wrap on the cards (they also come in a little sack to keep the cards in)! Everything else you actually use including the packaging! Putting the board together from the packaging, and going through the instructions can take one night to get everyone revved up for the project. It is a commitment, and one that you pass on to others. But the fun is in the teaching and seeing the results of your actions and those of people you passed the cards on to, and the people they passed the cards on to, etc. How you say? Once you actually do one of the cards you enter it online and others enter what they did against YOUR card online too.

Kit Includes:

– 26 Boom Boom! Cards designed with children and families in mind
– Boom Boom! sticky note pad
– Command Central Activity Board to chart your progress
– Boom Boom! Mission Accomplished Stickers
– Talk About It! Discussion Cards
– Handy carrying sack to keep the cards in
– Blank Boom Boom! Cards for kids to create their own

Original, Teen, and Green decks are also available from Boom Boom! Revolution; simply visit to learn more. 10% of profits are donated to charitable organizations.

Here’s how it works; just follow these steps:

1. Choose a Boom Boom! Card and do the kindness assignment on the card.
2. Use the Command Central Activity Board to chart your family’s success and the discussion cards included to talk about the experience.
3. Go to the website and share your story; you can upload pictures and video too!
4. Pass the card on for someone else to play, it doesn’t matter who…a friend, another family, your neighbor. Spread the Boom Boom! Around!
5. Watch your card travel on the website’s map! The unique ID makes it easy to keep track of where it goes and witness all the kindness your family inspired.

How far will your card go?

About Boom Boom!

Boom Boom! Revolution (BBR) is a social innovation company, founded in 2006. They create positive consumer products with the intention of inspiring an uprising of guerilla goodness. Boom Boom! Cards are the flagship product; they showcase a combined real world and online social network linking players globally through random acts of kindness that are paid forward. BBR is a 4th Sector Corporation, For Profit For Good. Boom Boom! Cards are made from 30-100% post consumer recyclable materials. Ten percent of the purchase price is donated; 5% goes to iSpot Compassion and 5% is donated to the charity of the purchaser’s choice. The BBR community can be found at .