Picking Up the Pieces and Organizing after a Loss

Picking Up the Pieces and Organizing after a Loss

By Alyssa Davis of Metal-Wall-Art.com

Life happens every day, and there is never a guarantee that it will unfold happily. There are times in everyone’s lives that a change occurs whether it is welcomed or not. One of the most devastating changes that any human can endure is the loss of a loved one. This loss comes with many faces. It can be the loss of a child growing up and moving away. It can be the loss of a worn out marriage that is ending in divorce. It can be the loss of a career job, or it can be the loss of a life. Any loss, regardless of how tragic can leave a person a disoriented and disorganized

Since a life changing event can have a cascading effect on a person’s life, it is really important to deal with the emotions that accompany the event before making any permanent life changes. By taking a moment to regroup and take a breath, decisions can be made with a level head resulting in better choices. When judgment is clouded by fear or grief, there is a huge potential for a disastrous outcome, so waiting until the first waves of sadness and anger pass makes getting organized much easier in the long run.

Unite for Changes

While changes are on the horizon, they do not have to happen overnight. Undoubtedly other people are also affected by this loss, so a good place to start is by gathering with them to discuss what challenges the future holds. Each individual reacts to a situation differently. What causes sadness for one person may very well illicit fear in another. By acknowledging everyone’s concerns, not only can everyone support each other emotionally, but they may offer helpful insight into solving tangible problems as well.

By having everyone invested in the changes that are to follow a tragic loss, like death or divorce, the string of inevitable changes in everyone’s lives will be much more palatable. By gathering, lamenting, brainstorming and coming up with an action plan, everyone has a vested interest and a hand in forming the direction of the future. Most importantly, the bond of the group, such as a family, remains healthy and strong even through a very stressful time.

Managing Fear

By first addressing everyone’s fears, it clears the air for a solid and healthy thought process. So when a parent needs to get a job, move the family to a new house, or relocate to another town, they can understand the worst fears of each child and do whatever is necessary to assuage them. Discussing the big picture that is the future and soliciting solutions for upcoming problems, hands power back to a group of people who feel very frail and insecure at the moment. With task in hand, everyone can contribute towards building a future that is even better than the one that has been lost.

Step by step, addressing problems and crafting solutions for them will move everyone forward in an orderly and predictable manner. Even if the solutions do not work, any problem can be tackled time and time again until a viable solution is found. Some choices will not be easy, and others will not be so very difficult. In the end, by having a process to follow into the future, a family can be made even stronger by a tragic loss.

Alyssa Davis, writes exclusively for Metal-Wall-Art.com, and specifically about designing with decorative wall candle holder and outdoor metal wall decor.