Tuesday’s Chill Pill: An Easy Way to Go Greener

I may be too old for school, but I’m definitely not too old for these very cool reusable bags by Graze.

I bought two sets last spring and use them all the time. There’s something so bright and cheery about them that makes me smile when pack my son’s lunch – or when I pull them out of my own brown lunch bag. Someone asked me on Twitter yesterday if they leaked or if smells got out. My answer is a definitive no. Occasionally you will get something like a little jam on them, which naturally bleeds through. But when that happens, just throw in the wash and they’re as good as new.

Where to find them: GrazeOrganic.com
How much: you can buy a set of 3 for $24 or set of 5 for $38

Yes – you would get 8 boxes of plastic sandwich bags for the same amount. But once you purchase a set of these, you don’t ever have to buy those again. So amortized over the life of the product, these are a pretty good deal. And marine life everywhere will thank you.