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Get Out the Door on Time

By Alyssa Davis of

With the start of school quickly approaching, the anxiety of the daily morning rush can set in faster than you think. If your children are notoriously losing their papers, backpacks, and school supplies at the last minute, it is time to organize an area to make getting out the door on time a reality, and not a dream. Try some of the ideas below to get your kids moving in time for the school bus.

Hanging Pockets

While hanging pockets are common in offices, not many people use them in their home decor. Change your thinking about this practical organizing solution and install a hanging pocket for each child at their level. Have the children decorate the pockets with their names using paint, stickers or permanent markers. Homework, signed papers and items that need to be returned to school can be quickly placed in the pocket and removed on the way out the door. This keeps everything within reach and out in the open so no one forgets.

A Basket for Everything

Fabric cube baskets are a great place to store book bags, small musical instruments, and sports equipment that goes back and forth to school. Have a basket for each child below their hanging pockets and encourage them to store their “get out quick” items in it. During colder weather, gloves, hats and scarves can also be contained in the baskets’ confines.

Coat Rack Central

While it may be tempting to hide small coats and boots away in the hall closet, if getting to them every morning delays departure, hang a knob or hook coat rack by the baskets and hanging pockets. Hang it at child level so that the children can hang up and get to their coats with no problems. Not only will this make them more responsible for hanging up their things, it will also make it easier to find everyone’s coats in the morning rush. Line up rain boots, snow boots and other seasonal footwear under the coat rack so that everything is in one, easily accessible place.

By creating a system for children where they can quickly and conveniently store their school items and outerwear, the morning hassle will be greatly reduced. You will spend more time on hugs and kisses goodbye than rushing from place to place worrying about everyone having everything they need. A little organization can make big changes in your life, as well as your children’s lives. Give it a try!

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